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Childbirth Education Classes

"Doulas 4 CT offers in-person childbirth education classes aimed at preparing expectant families for the journey of childbirth. These classes provide comprehensive knowledge and tools to navigate labor, birth, and the postpartum period with confidence. By inviting families and partnering with organizations supporting birth work and pregnant families, we create a supportive community where individuals can access essential information and resources for a positive birthing experience. Join us as we empower families and strengthen our community through education and support."

Upcoming Dates & Locations

June 8th, Saturday 11-4 pm at Bridgeport Library

925 broad street, Bridgeport, CT

July 13th Saturday 11-4 pm at Newfield Library

755 Central Ave, Bridgeport, CT


August 17th, Saturday - TBD



(475) 766-5393


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